22 Feb

The Mothman prophecy and West Virginia is one of the common tales about the creature that is said to be a form of a body with large moth wings that was seen prior to the collapse of the Point Pleasant bridge. The Mothman was spotted by several people months prior to the tragic events that unfolded on the Silver Bridge killing 46 people.

The first sighting of the creature was on November 15, 1966 in Point Pleasant, by two couples and a young cousin as they were passing a World War II TNT factory that was approximately seven miles north of the town. The factory was known as the West Virginia Ordnance Works and was abandoned at the time of the sighting. The five people stated they saw glowing red eyes and the creature chased them at a high rate of speed, even exceeding 100 miles per hour.
November 16th a group of townspeople that were armed went in search of the Mothman, combing the area. The sightings continued and on November 24th four more people reported seeing the creature that became known as the Mothman flying over the TNT factory and on the morning of the 25th.

The Mothman was sighted on January 11, 1967 hovering over the Silver Bridge and would be reportedly seen several more times in the area until December 15, 1967 when the bridge that was built in 1928 collapsed while vehicles were sitting on the bridge. The vehicles on the bridge plunged into the icy waters, where 46 people would die.

After the collapse of the bridge the reported sightings of the Mothman stopped and the Mothman prophecy is that it was in Point Pleasant to warn of the approaching deadly disaster. The investigation into the collapse of the bridge showed that there was a single eye-bar in a suspension change that gave way due to a manufacturing flaw.

The Mothman prophecy of the creature warning of impending disaster has reportedly been seen in other places, but it is infamous in connection with the bridge that joined Point Pleasant West Virginia and Gallipolis, Ohio.

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